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1. Area code in the greater Jacksonville area
2. The greater Jacksonville area
I was up in the 904 the othe day
by Da XCellent July 01, 2004
the vagina cavity of a woman with a darker complexion
i got some pink chocolate last night
by Da XCellent July 09, 2004
A rather large sized penis that seems to have control over women in the same way that a pimp does.
Once you've had the pimpsickle, you don't go back to regular genetalia.
by Da XCellent June 29, 2004
the crack theory is a theory that states that it is not sexy to see an ass crack no matter who it is on, and the only time crack is sexy is when cheeks are involved
yo that girl has a fat ass, but that crack aint workin for me
by Da XCellent July 10, 2004
when a woman is very angry at a man to where she slices and dices his penis. similar to when a pickle is chopped up and turned into relish
ya boy cheated on his girl and she turned his dick into relish
by Da XCellent July 10, 2004
a shortened version for Tallahassee, FL
my boy stayes over in T-Town, hes studying engineering
by Da XCellent July 10, 2004
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