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A rather large sized penis that seems to have control over women in the same way that a pimp does.
Once you've had the pimpsickle, you don't go back to regular genetalia.
by Da XCellent June 29, 2004
1. A doobied up manwich placed as an ornament on a car.
2. A Pimp swagger stick used to beat down the hoboes and the hoochies.
"I'm gonna rectify your jargon with my Pimpsickle."
"Ma, Gramah deficated on the lawn again, you better get the pimpsickle."
by Widgit and DA Gangle July 31, 2003
a man's penis. May refer to a player's unit. That from which pimp juice exits.
Put your pimpsickle back in your pants!

Who's that guy? Forget it girl, his pimpsickle is skanky.
by hook1969 March 17, 2010
see dick; a pimp's shlong
"all bitches want my pimp-sickle"
by Velvit Pimp March 25, 2004
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