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8 definitions by Da Skrill

Beating someone to a pulp. Knockin' your ass out
Motha fucka, you step to me again.....I'm gonna beat the piss out of you!!
by Da Skrill July 09, 2006
14 4
Smoking weed with your buddies
Hey homeboy, feel like "knockin nids" today. This term was created back in 1991 while attending A.S.U. (Arizona State University) Much fun was had by all
by Da Skrill June 23, 2006
5 2
Cocaine that is smooth and the effect sneaks up on you for a smooth, crisp high
Damn, these are creeper snaps. I'm lovin' it, what about you?
by Da Skrill July 09, 2006
5 3
Another slang word for marijuana. Originated in 1991 at Arizona State University. Dees (drugs) is a perfect way to hide your agenda, "smoking pot"
Hey foo', you got any "dees"? Wanna take a shack of some "dees"?
by Da Skrill June 23, 2006
28 26
Gotta give props to Devastation Station for this on........Def: The act of suckin' some dick. Whether you're a female or a homo, chin ball could apply to both.
Nigga, not only is you good at baseball, you good at chin ball too, ya fag.
by Da Skrill September 12, 2007
4 7
Another code word for cocaine or the act of sniffing cocaine. Meaning, cocaine "snaps" you into place quickly.
You got anymore snaps? Can I get a quick snap.
by Da Skrill June 23, 2006
23 31
originated by my boy "skinflute" in Davis Ca. Oven Cuddler is in short, a "jew". Why a jew? Because back in the day in Hitler's concentration camps when the jews were burned in masses, they were all stuffed in giant ovens and all of them looked as if they were cuddling. Hence, the definition "oven cuddler"
Don't be an "oven cuddler" man. Pull out your wallet and pay for your part of the bill!!!

The reason he has no damn friends is because he's an "oven cuddler"
by Da Skrill June 23, 2006
20 32