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a total beatdown that not only causes physical injury but total humiliation
last night i was at a college party

a lipstick lesbian opened a can of whup ass on a sorostitute

it was sweet
by Da Nastee One May 11, 2004
Tupac Shakur faked his own death, son!
Of course Tupac is alive! The 7 Day Theory is correct, son! I saw Tupac the other day ... he was working at a Country Fair with Elvis & President Kennedy!
by Da Nastee One December 19, 2006
a completely made up name, made up of a slang term for the cock ("peter"), an action word ("felt"), & an object ("her snatch"

a fake porno name
I'm Peter Feldersnatch. This is my brother Howie Feldersnatch. This is my cousin Big Dick Feldersnatch.
by Da Nastee One December 12, 2006
a gut so big, it hangs down over your belt buckle
Lay off the chesseburgers, man. You're getting a downover!
by Da Nastee One January 03, 2007
a pub (bar/tavern) ritual involving the consumption of shots of tequila
LICK salt off your hand
SUCK a lime
CHUG a shot of tequila
by Da Nastee One May 28, 2004
preventing a hot chick from hooking up with a man on a one night stand by making an ass of yourself
a job usually taken by she-beasts and grenades
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004
Main character in "El Mariachi" trilogy: "El Mariachi," "Desperado," and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico;" portrayed by Spaniard Antonio Banderas in the latter 2 movies
El Mariachi was a vengenace-seeking badass, Bro!
by Da Nastee One December 03, 2003
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