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to represent or give props to
Da gangsta was repin his hood wit dat lid yo.
by da cheese December 10, 2004
Strong Sad
Also referred to losers and such
"I'm sad because I'm flying."
by Da Cheese September 02, 2003
to thwackit is to jackoff, spank the monkey, flonk the dolphin, rope the poney, wrestle with the snake, choke the chicken etc. etc.
jimmy thwacked it all night until his shlong turned chrimsen.
by da cheese June 17, 2003
stupid spanish work mr wiess gives us
i forgot to turn in my diario so mr weirss marked me down....
by da cheese December 10, 2004
a board on game faqs that promotes stupidity
pikadeth enjoys posting on random insanity
by da cheese June 17, 2003

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