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10 definitions by DZ

What The Fuck Hacks. Used to express suprise, and to accuse someone of hacking (cheating), in an online game.
He just pulled off a headshot from the other side of the map! WTFHAX!
by dz October 27, 2003
279 57
A 40oz malt liquor beverage.
"Drinking gorilla juice makes me want to fight collar-poppers."
by dz November 02, 2005
250 52
To be executed by electrocution. Most commonly, the electric chair.
"Ole' boy's gonna ride the lighting for killing that man."

And you, Elaine. You'd die, too, and my curse is knowing I'll be there to see it. That's my punishment, you see? My punishment for letting John Coffey ride the lightning. For killing a miracle of God.
by DZ March 15, 2004
224 64
Off Topic. A board on a forum system that is dedicated to everything all other boards on the systems are not dedicated to.
This post about cats should be in OT.
by dz October 27, 2003
97 58
spanish; good for nothing.
english; the OAKLAND RAIDERS
slang; for the worthless piece of trash that takes up precious space.
my friends call me bueno para nada because i'm a piece of shit.
by dz December 05, 2002
32 5
NASCAR with Niggers racing in it.It might just happen if they arent too busy jumping fences and stealing bikes.
I's a nigga driving a nascah with my bling blingin twentay fo's and some chicken!
by Dz April 01, 2005
80 68
1.To break a commitment for a social engagement.

2. To refuse an invite to a social engagement citing reasons that are lame.

Can be used as a Noun, or a Verb.
1. "Where's Jim?" "Oh, he fucked out"

2. "You in for saturday night?" "Nah, I'm gonna hang out with the wife." "What a fuck out!"

Fuck out is going to fuck out because he's a fuck out.
by DZ July 10, 2004
18 17