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that dankness. what shmokers live for, die for, get high for! unh. parody on legit, real person with name "Hank Williams"
Person 1: yow homediddly. down to kick back with good ol', mr dank williams?

Person 2: you know I is. lightah!
by dtrubble October 13, 2012
A man's hisband.
Rocco: where's the ol' balls and chain tonite?
Elmer: didn't make it. at home doing puzzles.
Rocco: whoa, surprised you made it out.
Elmer: no kidding. me too.
by DTrubble August 11, 2011
An interest in photography, solely for the purpose of taking pictures of recent offspring -- a hobby typically abandoned once the child has entered its awkward stage.
Sophia: Nice camera.

Chris: Thanks, I dropped five large on it. It’s like 800 megapixels or some shit.

Sophia: Wow, you know how to work that thing?

Chris: Naw, prolly just take baby shots.

Sophia: Yeah, photoddlerphy is not cheap.
by DTrubble September 16, 2009
A gay man's male spouse.
Rocko: How come I never see you two at Kevin's parties anymore?
Elmer: Sorry, my hisband Ross just isn't that into parties. He'd rather stay home weekend nights and do puzzles. Whadya gonna do? Effing balls and chain, man.
by DTrubble August 11, 2011
A person who fancies one's self an entertainer, yet whose sole platform for performance is skipping subway traincar to subway traincar. Most commonly for change, and may involve banging a bucket or handrail gymnastics.
Guy on the 2 to his buddy, regarding the sexually-inappropriate comedian who ends by telling folks, "smile, it won't mess up your hair":

"Much prefer the Mariachi entertrainers on the 4/5."
by DTrubble March 12, 2010
Shit you bring on the subway to keep you distracted from the the type of people who ride the subway. eg: Sudoku, The New Yorker, US Weekly, The Economist, handheld games.
Girl: "I forgot my entertrainment this morning and spent 30 minutes avoiding eye contact with a friend-of-a-former-friend sitting across from me."
by DTrubble March 12, 2010

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