15 definitions by DS

a floating used condom in a bath (either post coital or post jack-off)
i'm not bathing with you untill the rubber ducky is removed from the tub!!!
by DS January 28, 2004
When your boses tell you that everything is going to be ok... then they leave.
See: Nigel Hurst
by DS May 18, 2004
Whenm a chook was struck by lightning a egg died
Fo shizzle egg salad
by ds March 15, 2005
It would be a VERB not a NOUN. (rolls eyes)
"I've been syringered."
As opposed to
"I'm a syringered."
by DS October 30, 2004
rib balloons
She had a fancy set of rib balloons
by ds March 16, 2003
to go apeshit
2 fast. 2 furious. 2 fast. Act a fool.
by ds June 17, 2003
Euphemism for geek, usually used by geeks themselves
I must admit I'm a bit of a techie, I like to sit behind the computer all day
by ds March 18, 2005

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