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The act of being high on "spice".
(ex.- K2)
GUY1: you look so blown bro, lemme get some of dat.
GUY2: nah i'm spicy as a bitch right now, get it yourself
GUY1: aiight.
by DROP THE FRIDGE January 13, 2011
The act of being an evil genius.
(Using deceitful thoughts or lies to get your way.)
GUY1: dude, i'm getting right in between this girl and her boyfriend and purposely trying to break them up.
GUY2: how?
GUY1: because i'm geniophobus.
by DROP THE FRIDGE January 13, 2011
To eat an immense amount of food at one time or sitting.
GUY1: dude imma go home and fuckin drop the fridge.
GUY2: hahaha, fat.
by DROP THE FRIDGE January 13, 2011

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