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The shiny flakes in rock cocaine. Fish scales mean high potency. Mistaken for fiberglass, due to an urban legend.
That soft has a lot of fish scales.
by DROC July 27, 2005
The act of purchasing drugs (usually a larger quantity) and reselling the same amount for more money.
He's been flipping QPs every day.
by DROC July 31, 2005
A ritual that developed into a form of dance among Crips.
C-walk to this - Snoop Dogg
by DROC July 27, 2005
Soft rock cocaine, not necessarily powder. As opposed to hard rocks, aka crack.
I got some soft white girl.
by DROC July 28, 2005
Marijuana that is a step above crystal and beaster. Prices run higher for exotic. There is an obvious difference between exotic and B, which can be noticed by smell, consistency, and hairs. Also, much more potent. Certain strains of exotic have up to 26% THC content, whereas beaster will be much lower, i.e. 10%.
Is it exotic or just some beaster?
by DROC July 27, 2005
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