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3 definitions by DRFNM

A deterioration of your Christmas spirit due to the length and supersaturation of the holiday throughout every aspect of society.
I see Christmas in stores starting November 1st. By December I am suffering from Christmas Fatigue.

My favorite radio station going 24/7 Holiday music was the last straw for my Christmas Fatigue.
by DRFNM November 05, 2013
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When a woman is considered attractive for no other reason than her body shape or voluptuous endowments.
Sometimes a woman can be titty beautiful from across the street but you get up to her and her face just doesn't do it for you.
by DRFNM November 05, 2013
2 1
1. camouflage consisting of red, green, and white.

2. Wearing a hodgepodge of Christmas colors in an unfashionable manor.
Careful not to wear your Christmas Pajamas with your Christmas sweater or you will be accused of wearing Christmas fatigues.

Actually I own a Pajama pants that is red, green, and white camo. Christmas Fatigues.
by DRFNM November 05, 2013
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