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A dumbfuck or douchebag. A general arsehole & noob who does nothing but walk into trouble, won't get laid and who drives a shit car.
by DRAC250 May 25, 2009
A piece of wood shaped like the stock of a rifle, with a horizontal bar projecting from one side. It magically turns semi-automatic weapons (those which fire one bullet per pull of the trigger) into bullet-hoses; a device which uses the recoil of a gun to fire the next round.
One of many ways to turn your shitty california-legal semi-automatic AR-15 into a machine-gun. Very popular in US states where semi-automatic rifles are legal; chiefly used by man-children and 13-year-old boys. On the down-side, it seriously impedes accuracy, and thus is useless for criminals.
Imma take my SKS and bump-stick and shoot some dirt!
Just plug in your bump-stick to turn your glock into a matrix-style machine-pistol!
I used a bump-stick and hit nothing but air.
by DRAC250 March 10, 2011
Contraction of "Do you want some?"; are you starting?. starting a fight. Normally yelled by hooligans.
Choo fuckin' wansum? Choowansum? Gonna fuck you up! Choowansum? Coz that's what you're gonna get! Choowansum of my K?
by DRAC250 May 25, 2009
a parachuting nazi, normally strapped up to the teeth.
These damn fallschirmjagers keep parading around town

Look out, they'll call the fallschirmjagers on us!
by DRAC250 May 25, 2009
A contraction of "you're jealous". Popularised in late 2010 alongside a macro of a man grinning. Sometimes written in greentext as "you jelly".
Person A: I've got a mosin nagant!
Person A: ujelly?
by DRAC250 March 09, 2011
A type of spot that is hard on the outside, but when you squeeze it it makes a cracking noise and a bit of cheesy shit comes out.
I had this shitty popcap on my head man!
by DRAC250 May 25, 2009
An overweight, chain-smoking, muscular Polish gangster who has immigrated to the UK. Also know as Polski Beefcakes. They are known for walking around in packs, smoking, drinking large quantities of Tyskie and beating the shit out of chavs who attack them.
I was walking down the road the other day when I saw half a dozen Polski Smaks coming in the other direction.
Polski Smaks keep stealing crates of Tyskie from the local shop.
by DRAC250 October 24, 2010

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