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Rendo describes the fail-perfect storm, which thankfully only occurs once every generation. Signs of rendo include, but are not limited to.... Canadian citizenship, hostility to Native Americans, obsession with pokemon, unrealistic belief that Dragon Ball Z is real and GT was 'alright', unemployment, having no more than 3 teeth, and false hopes of hockey one day being better than baseball.
Does that guy have down-syndrome, or is he just way to rendo?

Rendo says: "Pika, hame hame haaa...."
by TeamMericaFU October 20, 2010
short for "Horrendous"; also, to get very drunk or inebriated.
Only said by absolute pricks.
Fuck man I was fucking Rendo last night!
Let's get Rendo!
Last night was fucking Rendo.
by DRAC250 May 03, 2011
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