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When you masturbate upside down so when you finish you give yourself a facial.
You never wanna punch the clown upside down.
by DR. DISTRUCTO June 23, 2011
The act of taking a piss out of your ass, usually after a night of heavy drinking. Its a combination of taking a #1 and #2 out of your ass at the same time.
Damn, I drank too much last night and now I gotta take a 1.5.
by DR. DISTRUCTO June 29, 2010
A NASCAR race.
Son-of-a-bitch, how many more weeks until Fox stops broadcasting the Redneck Olympics?
by DR. DISTRUCTO June 30, 2010
Those people who make a new year's resolution to get in shape. they can be seen sporting new workout gear as they recently purchased a long term gym membership, of which will only get used for about 3 weeks before they quit. they are known for doing exercises incorrectly, being ass clowns, getting in your way and spend a lot of time socializing. they are typically very out of shape and are defined as physically unimpressive.
I would like to welcome the new year's resolution warriors to the gym. I appreciate you taking my normal parking spot, locker, and shower. You do look great in your new workout gloves and book to write down your three sets of bicep curls. The highlight was the 40 something couple making out between sets of incline dumbbell press. Hope you enjoy three weeks before you quit.
by DR. DISTRUCTO January 04, 2012
a snowmobile
The lake is frozen, lets take the Canadian jet ski out for a spin
by DR. DISTRUCTO January 06, 2011
when a toilet is clogged and you attempt to flush, at which time the toilet overflows releasing water in all directions.
Guy 1 "I just hit the can and when I flushed, the toilet overflowed and water went everywhere!"

Guy 2 "Looks like you got to swim in an Arkansas Waterfall."
by DR. DISTRUCTO January 05, 2012
a paddywagon. it picks up and carries large amounts Mexicans to where they usually end up going...which is jail
Da'rryl: What kind of taxi picks up Mexican?

Mike: I dont know

Da'rryl: The mexican taxi aka the paddywagon
by DR. DISTRUCTO April 14, 2011

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