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2 definitions by DPWM

an acronym and euphemism for the phrase "Sorry For Partying"
only the "for" is replaced by the numeral 4.
Vin: "You know you spent $30 on fast food last night after the bar right?"
Matt: "S4P"

Vin: "You know you were so drunk at the bar you called it a frat house?"
Matt: "S4P playa"
by DPWM November 29, 2009
acronym and euphemism for the phrase "Jacked and Tan" or someone who goes tanning frequently, wears limited clothing when working out, and emits a high level of personal vanity. Most "JNT" people are dbags who are very successful in picking up women, others such as metro sexual or Euro-esc or Euro-trash people get "JNT" to look good constantly.
Todd: "You coming over for the game tonight?"
Scott: "I'll be over later I have to get JNT if there's chicks there"

Todd: "You're looking a little weak there"
Scott: "I've been busy, haven't been able to get JNT lately"
by DPWM November 29, 2009