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The affected pratice of setting one's features into a certain fixed pose that supposedly reflects the complex inner world of the wearer. Usually committed during the lighting of cigarettes and often consists of an inquisitively furrowed brow, puckered lips, and an overall air of being interesting. Fails to mask the utter vacuity of the face puller who risks inviting a torrent of scorn and verbal abuse down upon his head should his ruse be noticed for what it essentially is: a transparent effort to attract the admiration of peers and possible sexual partners without recourse to a sense of humour or a personality.
"Why's he looking like he's got the sun in his eyes?"
"He's a wanker with a designer expression."
by DPMars October 07, 2006
This expression is frequently used at public meetings taking place in localities across the whole of the UK. A meeting will be called to discuss such contentious issues as the removal of gypsy/travellers' sites or the influx of immigrant workers into a given community and, as tempers flare and fists shake, the shout will invariably go up: "You wouldn't get this in France!"

An allusion to France in the positive can be said to be unusual in Gall-hating Britain, but most Brits will concede a begruding respect for French militancy and people mobilisation during national debates - the roadblocks that kept petrol prices from going up being one example. Also, British people so applauded the outlawing of muslim headgear in French schools that the enmity of centuries could be felt to thaw almost over night. Therefore "You wouldn't get this in France" is an indirect form of the blanket, scapegoating racism I've become accustomed to in both countries.
Chair: So I've tabled a motion for keeping the travellers' site right on your semi-detached doorsteps.
Angry braying Uk homeowners: You wouldn't get this in France. I'm off to get my pitchfork.
by DPMars October 06, 2006

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