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What skaters, skateboarders, surfers, etc... use to address each other.
"Hey Dude"
"Dude wheres dude?"
"Dude's at dude's house"
"I'm going to dude's house to see dude seeya later dude!"
by Dominique February 13, 2004
Things that make masturbation a whole lot easier for us women!!!
oh yeah! it feelsso much better when i squeeze the girls!!!!!
by Dominique September 09, 2004
a hoe that only accepts pennys as their payment
i gave a penny to that penny hoe named linda!
by dominique December 08, 2004
just a word you say out of the blue!
man this one time at band camp KABLARG!
by dominique December 08, 2004
Meaning "shutup" or "go screw a monkey." Originated from the French term "joie de vivre." It was eventually slurred to become something totally different.
Bob: "Your shoes are really dirty."
Joe: "Uh...JWARVIN!"
by Dominique August 11, 2004
a person who takes a long piece of rubber and sticks it in there vaginal area!
that man is such a deedledo
by dominique December 08, 2004
SUPER lag!!! I mean SUPER!!
ITS lagggg AHHHH
Laaaaaaaaaaggg so much laaag
by Dominique February 13, 2004
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