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The "Mexinese Creeper" refers to any individual who appears to be quite regular, calm and collective, but will surprise all their friends and co-workers with strange, unwanted & unexpected sexual acts.
Did you hear Mexi-fry pretended to be too drunk to leave Carmen's party last weekend? Yeah, Carmen woke up in the middle of the night and Mexinese was handing her the bonephone! Then he said apologized and said "I thought you were sleeping though"... Ewww, talk about a Mexinese Creeper!!!
by DMackCDA December 15, 2007
A person that appears to be of mixed race that resembles Mexican and Asian descent. Example, someone who looks like they are half Mexican and half (Chinese, Japanese, etc etc).
"I wonder if Mexinese will share his recipe for Mexi-fried rice with the office?"
by DMackCDA June 08, 2007
The bonephone is typically talked to by women, although homosexual men also talk to it as well. The bonephone is an oddly shaped boner that resembles that of a payphone receiver. Talking to the bonephone is another term for receiving oral pleasure.
"You don't need a quarter to use my bonephone, use it for free!"

"I have bad hearing, talk to the bonephone instead."
by DMackCDA June 12, 2007
A person who appears to be of Mexican descent, or is of Mexican descent and who is also somewhat chubby and has stunted growth.
"Check out the Mexi-fry guy, he's so small"
by DMackCDA June 08, 2007
A traditional dish going back to the first roots of the Mexinese people of North America. Infuses the greases of common mexican corn with the greases of chinese-style Kung-Pow Chicken.
"Hey Mexi-fry, some people in the office were hoping you bring Mexi-fried rice or Corn-Pow Chicken to the potluck dinner tonight"
by DMackCDA June 12, 2007

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