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5 definitions by DMJ QD TOPH

A word invented from the randomly-picked words "shoe," "band," and "door" by a group of high-schoolers as a semi-euphemism for sexual intercourse.

Can also refer to a certain group of words, i.e. the "Shubandor Words" (hatterapple, dunano, mellashalés, hattershalés)

Other usages:

-"shubandoré" in place of "sexy"
-another word for nonsense, idiocy, depravity, or a crazy orgy.
"We should have shubandor tonight."

"OooHooooHOOhoo don't YOU look shubandoré! ;D "

by DMJ QD TOPH October 30, 2011
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A word derived from "hatterapple" and "mellashalés" to be used as a semi-euphemism for "man-boobs."
"It's totally gross when guys have hattershalés."
by DMJ QD TOPH October 30, 2011
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A word invented from other words--including melons--as a semi-euphemism for breasts.

Also a cutesy, pseudo-french name for boobs.

See also: Hattershalés
"Look how big and round her mellashalés are!"
by DMJ QD TOPH October 30, 2011
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A word invented from random other words as a semi-euphemism for "vagina."

Can also be used as a cutesy name for female genitalia.
"I wanna put my hatterapple in HER dunano!"
by DMJ QD TOPH October 30, 2011
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A word invented out of random words, incluing "hat" and "apple" as a semi-euphemism for "penis."

Also can be used as a cutesy-term for male genitalia.
"I wonder how big HIS hatterapple is!"
by DMJ QD TOPH October 30, 2011
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