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5 definitions by DMCliff

A jamican insult, often used jokingly but can also be quite offensive
wa gwann bruv - Rasta 1
Rasclat bumbastain, aye - Rasta 2
by DMCliff August 07, 2007
unappealing and unwelcome conversation. Chat that is Rank.
"Was the girl up for it mate ? She looked hot."
"Nah dude, she was full of rank chat"
by DMCliff August 04, 2007
Basically a short version of a long and negative answer.
Negative = Neg
Larynx = noise, chat, etc
1: Did the guy have any Potent Chronic ?
2: Neg Larynx, he did have some shitty schwag though.
by DMCliff August 14, 2007
extra rank or extra bad. Much worse than average
Did you try some of that scran ?
yeah man, its rank rotten !
by DMCliff September 23, 2009
Big fat unattractive girl.
see that hungry horace over there, the one who looks like she eats babies ?

Yeah.... rank rotten
by DMCliff September 23, 2009