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A bunch of stingy people who can sue up to $150,000 or so for one pirated song, and are currently suing many people who use file sharing services. They are also known for cranking out mass amounts of low quality music, such as rap, and what is currently pop.
The music industry blows.
by DLG June 29, 2003
To duplicate an item in an online game and ruin the virtual economy while bringing virtual personal gain.
Hey guys, let's dupe lots of double cannons in PSO.
by DLG June 30, 2003
"Inkblot tests", but not always with inkblots. They evalutate psychological health and such inaccurately, but are good enough to determine if someone has a serious problem.
T: What does this look like?
D: Dead people
T: And this?
D: Two guys hanging from trees, barfing blood.
T: And this one? *cringes*
D: It looks like you, but with blood everywhere around you.
by DLG June 29, 2003
A glass ball, with some inert gasses at low pressures inside it, with an often ugly base, and a round thing in the middle with electricity running through it to cause the gasses to become the fourth state of matter, plasma. This is possible without melting the glass and wasting a lot of electricity by having a very low pressure within the glass thingy.
Whoa, that plasma ball is shiny. Now I'll stare at it and put my hands on it for hours!
by DLG June 29, 2003
A thing that people often fantasize to truly exist, although people only have friends for selfish reasons, and think little or nothing of what the "friend" wants. "True friends" are a fantasy.
Hey there, "friend" *eyes dart left to right, then stabs said friend in the back*
by DLG June 29, 2003
A company that makes Honey Roasted Peanuts, and has a mascot like thing called Mr. Peanut, who features a funny top hat, cane, black sleeves, and gloves, but no suit.
Go get me some Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts, now! Or I'll kill you dead!
by DLG June 29, 2003
An item in Phantasy Star Online, which is often used in sentences that make one laugh, kind of.
Please don't yell at me for that... *equips resist/flame*
by DLG June 29, 2003
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