3 definitions by DJ Snickaz

Exclamation of disdain, anger (from the Middle German Scheisse Hunde, "shit dog")
(you'd exclaim this after a teste (ovary, if female) were to be rammed by a wayward pitchfork or other blunt instrument...)
by DJ Snickaz April 02, 2003
Sexual position, difficult to attain and / or maintain, in which the man straddles a partner so that penis covers length of nose, and testicles rest in respective eye sockets.
After demonstrating my manly machismo gladiator style, I received oral treats from the hosebeast.
by DJ Snickaz April 02, 2003
Nearly or all of the usual complement of teeth in an adult head; at least 24 teeth; at least 12 teeth (West Virginia)
"My buddy would eat corn on the cob mo' often if he had motif."
by DJ Snickaz April 02, 2003

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