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7 definitions by DJ Or Derb

The act off passing out while having sex with a girl, leaving your meat in the vagina to soften and marinate. Usually the result of too much drinking.
Meghan came by to ride my krump stump I was so drunk I ended up crock pottin it up.
by DJ Or Derb March 20, 2011
19 5
A female you are going to have sexual intercourse with or any female you want to have sex with.
Yo, that girls my fanny pak, wrap her around my waist and shove my junk in her uuuugggghhh
by DJ Or Derb March 05, 2011
19 9
Krump stump is another name for male genitalia. Krump being a non gender word, Krump stump defines the male sexual organ protuding from the Krump.
Kelly likes to get on my Krump stump before work to relieve stress.
by DJ Or Derb February 23, 2011
14 6
used to define any expression on someones face.
Johnny: Did you see the facelook that girl gave you
Anthony: Yea, she was all sorts of pissed
by DJ Or Derb April 01, 2011
4 0
The Krump is the non gender specific area from ones belly button, down and around to the top of ones ass crack.
Emily came by last night and we bumped krumps. She rode the Krump stump all night.
by DJ Or Derb February 23, 2011
47 43
A way of expressing feelings about more than one thing. Often used with body parts, sometimes containing as many as three words
Tadji: Did you see that girls calflegs?
Tom: calflegs?
Tadji:yea, what, you don't wordcombo?
by DJ Or Derb April 01, 2011
3 0
To give oral sex, The act of sucking ones penis
Romeo: I went on a date with Jess last night
AJ: oh yeah...did she Muzzle the Goat?
Romeo: Like a true champ!
by DJ Or Derb April 30, 2011
1 0