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1. A term of endearment for your dude friends.

2. A "diss" for your dude friends.
3. Semen

*The extra "t" and "e" at the end adds a level of sophistication and panache.
1. "What's up Cocknutte?"
2. "You are acting like a total "Cocknutte."
3. "I got my "cocknutte" all over my gym shorts."
by DJ Cocknutte April 13, 2010
1. When an animate, or inanimate object is lacking in overall quality or style.
2. Negative state of being.
1. "Man, that haircut you got looks absolutely bumtown."
2. "After that last piece of poundcake, i felt totally bumtown."
by DJ Cocknutte April 14, 2010

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