3 definitions by DDMMTT

S1D = Stage One Denial. The first step down a path of craziness.
Dude 1: What's Shecky up to tonight?
Dude 2: He is at home making a mix for Bonnie.
Dude 1: But they broke up weeks ago.
Dude 2: I know, but he is in S1D.
by DDMMTT September 23, 2009
hittin' the skins til they sore.
Samantha: "I don't know if I can take anymore of this"

Amy: "what's going on, everything OK?"

Samantha: "Yeah, but Dean has been keeping me up all night for the past 4 days. I'm sexhausted!"

Amy: "Don't even try it, you expect me to feel sorry for you? I've got cobwebs down south"
by DDMMTT January 18, 2011
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