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Wichoo is a term derivated from two words "with you" and originated through a misheard Luther Vandross song. ie.. "Together forever and never to part, together forever wichoo"

Black people use this sort of lingo to confuse and astound white people.
"Hey I'm going to the mall!"

"Can I come wichoo?"
by DB March 28, 2005
Literally a Tumor of the Vagina.

A exceedingly annoying woman.

A woman at the pinnacle of PMS. Devoid of Logic and Reason and to be avoided at all costs.
"Her Vaginoma makes her unbearable to me"

What a Vaginoma that woman is, i hate speakign with her
by DB January 13, 2005
Something that is both chubby and fuzzy.
That puppy is so chuzzy!

That guy needs to put on a shirt. He's got his chuzz hanging out.
by db June 25, 2004
Anything that may spark your interest enough to purchase or acquire it.
1. If you want to create a website you have to purchase a domain name , for example: www.whateverthefuckyouwant.com

2. Go to Target and get whateverthefuckyouwant for the house Lois, I don't care.
by db January 29, 2005
A men's hairstyle in which all of the hair is greasily matted forward, as if forced that way after the person travelled backwards extremely quickly. Not done in an intentionally stylish way, the High Speed Backwards (or HSB) can be found on ragged old men or the homeless.
That raggedy-looking dude is sporting a SERIOUS high speed backwards.
by db April 23, 2005
Noun: A Slutty Central Florida Raver.
You would believe the head that becca-da-wrecka gives, glow stick and all.
by DB April 06, 2005
In Canadian First Nations culture this is a term used for a person that has turned violent and 'freaks out' on another person. The 'freakerouter' doesn't have to be drunk or high at the time.
I was just talkin' to him and he started blackn' out! He hit me here in the stomach.
by DB December 11, 2003

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