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4 definitions by DAUNTLESS

A person of great weight who exerts considerable pressure on his mattress. In vogue during Shakespeare's lifetime.
I hear king Henri was quite the bed presser.
by Dauntless December 25, 2005
A sudden and surprising blow delivered by the palm of the hand while shouting "Tiger Claw!". Most effective on friends and bystanders idly waiting or eating. Usually performed by middle class Caucasian boys having absolutly no formal martial arts training but wishing nonetheless to be cool like Bruce Lee.
Matt tiger clawed me in the shoulder while I slurped hot soup.
by Dauntless June 10, 2005
Halo Fag
The gay is strong with phrascal...
by DAUNTLESS November 23, 2003
Gothic for goth
Check out those Ziphar chics...EWWWW
by DAUNTLESS November 17, 2003