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When you are taking a dump, its the splash of water that hits your ass, as it hits the water
I did not need to wipe after that shit because of a nice big ole dolphin kiss
by DANGALANG January 06, 2008
A boner one erects while in the office working for the man. Too many office boners can ruin the reputation of the boner-e, unless he has the largest cock in the office.
Hey Bill, who did you bring with you to the meeting? Oh, no one, that's just my office boner.

Where's Tom? He's at his desk with his office boner.

Cindy, check out this office boner.
by Dangalang April 04, 2014
1. a thing you shout during an intense game of bocce to pysch out the other team.
2. something I want to fuck
nothing like your sisters ass in my face, i am going to lick it dry
by DANGALANG January 06, 2008

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