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The act of over-anxiously trying to get to third base with a girl, generally resulting in the abrupt interrupting of coitus.
Man1: How far did you get with Lisa last night?
Man2: Well, I got to second base, but got Thrown out trying to steal third.
Man1: Gotta be more patient next time.
by D4Diggz May 24, 2011
Verb: To take a hit of marijuana and proceed to down as many shots of rum as possible before exhaling.
Person 1: What is your best Jamaican Rush?
Person 2: 3 Shots. You?
Person 1: Five.
by D4Diggz May 24, 2011
When two people are declared "out" during sexual relations-a threesome or greater-usually due to an unforeseen complication or unavoidable incident.
Kelly was about to engage in coitus with the two men from the bar, but the abrupt phone call informing her of her mother's passing resulted in a double play for the two of them.
by D4Diggz May 24, 2011
The worst place imaginable. It is given a cool name so that you think, "Oh, Treasure Planet. I could go for some Treasure, and I do love planets." It is a trap. You'll end up there and all there will be is a bunch of homeless dudes ready to inject themselves into you.
Dude, that TreasurePlanet sucks balls!
by D4Diggz September 26, 2010
When an individual feels pity for a fellow being and gives them a free pass to "first base".
Anna had felt so bad for Tyler that she gave him an Intentional Walk and kissed him by the lockers.
by D4Diggz May 24, 2011
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