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Sometime used as an nickname for the Nokia N900, It is almost as thick as an brick so its pretty accurate.
Im going to overclock the hell out of this black brick!
by D3nnis-The-Mew-Fan June 29, 2012
A Volvo car model driven by people who like bricks, This car is from the 700 series, Four cilinders, and available in a Sedan or Estate.
Im going to drive this 740 off a bridge!
by D3nnis-The-Mew-Fan April 29, 2012
A Volvo car, Availble in the Sedan 854 and Estate 855, Known for the fast T5-R and R engines, And still very safe, and boxxy..
Im going to tune the hell out of this 850!
by D3nnis-The-Mew-Fan April 29, 2012
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