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Facial expression related to a lack of friends and self-steem. It is ofen used as a demand of attention.

See also selfie.
I bet that dorky bitch will fill the web tonight with her duck face/kissy face.
by D1ego October 30, 2013
Traitor, tacky, unreliable friend. Sometimes confused with the famous magician.
Look at him, he's always letting us down. What a dirty Judini he is!
by D1ego October 28, 2013
A friend, usually from carabanchel or south american origins. Also, someone suffering from diarrhea.
- Dont be so porco cholo you colo loco

- Fuck you, moco tronco gonzo
by D1ego October 28, 2013
Smelly dangerous district on the south of Madrid, full of porco cholo people.
- Let's bang some sluts tonight in carabanchel

- Geeze man, you know they smell bad

- A cholo shouldn't give a damn about how slutty pigs smell!
by D1ego October 28, 2013

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