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Function: Interjection
Plural form: N/A
Origin: Derived from DJ SQUIRREL REMIX, an 8 year old boy who enjoys dancing like Lil Bow Wow.

1: An interjection used to acknowledge a witty and/or clever comment; usually accompanied by a squirrel-like movement of brushing dirt off each shoulder
2: Similar to "Oh snap!"
A: God, that chick gets fatter and uglier every time I see her.
B: I totally want to donkeypunch that bitch!
A: Ohohohoo dj squirrel!!
by D.Anger March 09, 2004
Function: noun
Plural form: bitses
Origin: Derived from bitch

1. A term used to replace bitch in a softer and/or jovial tone
1. Look at that girl in her stupid pointy shoes! What a bits!
by D.Anger March 09, 2004
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