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A truly awesome rap or rap battle that everyone absolutely must appreciate.
guy 1: Yo bro, you remember that rap battle Ty and Jason had yesterday?

guy 2:Who didn't? That shit was spitacular man.

guy 1:Damn straight it was.
by D. Liverance May 20, 2012
The lung capacity control that a singer possesses, which affects how long they can sing or hold a note before they need to take a breath. The same concept applies to rappers, only it affects how long they can spit lyrics before they take a breath.
Ace: Hey bro between Busta Rhymes and Twista, who has the best breath control? I'd go with Twista.

Deuce: Busta Rhymes all day. His breath control could smoke Twista anyday.

Tre: You're both wrong. Bill Withers outclasses them both combined in his sleep. Double housed.
by D. Liverance May 18, 2013
When someone gets slapped across the face, in which a highly visible mark is left for anywhere from hours to days. Usually happens when parties clash. Basically getting tagged, only the "ink" is always red.
Guy: Damn Robin, what the hell happened to you?

Homie: I totaled my dad's car. Never seen him so steamed in his life. Got tattooed on the right cheek.

Peeps: Shit, looks like that ink's gonna stick around for a while. Lucky he ain't knock any teeth out your grill.
by D. Liverance May 02, 2013
A driving simulator racing game for PS2 that was released in 2005. Unfortunately, it did not deliver the goods to the players as well as some of the other games did Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, etc., . The game had many good concepts in it, but not without many holes as well. It was overall recieved as an okay game that could have been better than it was.
Ace: Hey bro, you wanna play Enthusia?

Deuce: Nah, I'd rather play Gran Turismo, it's way better.

Tre: I'm sorry, did you forget about Forza?

Deuce: Who'd want to remember it? It's like you, you're a prick!

Ace: Aw come on guys, just give this one a chance, will you?

Tre: Fine. But then we do it right, with Forza!

Deuce: You're embarassing yourself.
by D. Liverance June 11, 2013
The equivalent of a burn. More apparent term as to when one is verbally burned or shut down by another, ergo spitting fire.
Ace: Hey bro, did I tell you about the time I slept with your mom last night?

Deuce: Hey bro, did I tell you about the time I was up all night with your mom last night?

Tre: Damn! Spitfire! Rush him to the burn unit!
by D. Liverance June 22, 2013
Slang term used to identify with the prison lifestyle, specifically pertaining to he whom leaves his pants below his waist, thereby showing the backside and attracting copious mates within the wall confines. Most likely the result of "frick" and "frack" being used to replace "fuck" as to avoid using the actual profanity.
Ace: Homie, pull your damn pants up!

Deuce: What I gotta pull my pants up for? Ain't hurting anybody.

Ace: Don't you know showing your ass that's prison code for the frick frack?!

Deuce: Uhhh....

Ace: Exactly. Unless you want the frick frack, get a damn belt and don't drop the soap. Else you lookin' for a prison buddy.
by D. Liverance February 14, 2014

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