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Spokesperson for:
Ding King
5 in 1 Ladder

He yells just about everything he says to give emphaisis and look like an asshat. Although you got to hand it to him, his panic-attack inducing rages make you listen to his pithy sales pitch. In one sitting, an hour long
Oxy-Clean segment, I heard Billy Say "Look at this!" over 47 times! He was poppin them out like he had tourrettes! Not to mention I heard all about the "Super Shammy!" he includes with his gayass product.

Besides Billy, the only other annoying person is the lady for the Grip n Flip commercials...
"Look at this!"


by D. Hunter March 18, 2005
A man with a plan, and everyhting he says.....GOES! He is featured on many FOX police chase shows and struts his stuff. Walking through a minefield without fail. Walking through a tornado and his hair is still perfectly shaped! He is everywhere at every time, and ready to piss you off, or save your life!

So get ready, this is going to be a FAST ride!
"This bohemian bovine bastard skyrockets down the highway at triple digit speeds, but that's no match for the police officers 320 HORSES!"
by D. Hunter March 18, 2005
A dude who is on my ventrilo server. He is pretty cool, and is good at flying choppers in Battlefield Vietnam and PoE.
"What are you graphics set on?"
"Do they glitch?"
by D. Hunter February 25, 2005
The reverse of "Fuckin Smartass"

Used in a more playful and acceptable tone that can be tested in a work, school, and religious environment without fail
"Quit being a smuckin fartass!"
by D. Hunter February 25, 2005
Annoying black bird that turn there head and bawk at you makeing it hard to sleep in the morning. The only way to rid these pesky bastards is to shoot them.
by D. Hunter January 19, 2005
Diapers? Play clothes? What are rompers! Well it's what old people say to Matt when he is annoying the fat jew infront of him.
"You may be wearing a suit, but you dont act very grown up. Maybe you should wear some rompers!" - Old Haggity Bitch
by D. Hunter March 18, 2005
Get That, if a phrase that Phil came up with and is only used (Lamely) by Hunter and Matt in their band Vintage. Get That can be used as slang, as an insult, and as a sexual entendre.
"Hey, Get that Mr. Fischer"
"Get that pencil!"
by D. Hunter January 17, 2005
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