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What was said to me after I got my ass whooped when I was a kid.
**spank spank** "godamnit kid, now GO TO SLEEP" *
by D. Ferrel September 30, 2003
A term used to describe a person who is not all there. A person missing a marble or two - a few percentages off from being full blown retarded.
"I can't believe that guy just walked into that glass door - what is he...one short of a six pack?"
by D. Ferrel September 30, 2003
These are usually the rules followed in ones house that a particular game is being played in. These rules will always change from house to house and are sure to always cause a 10 minute argument/debate over them. These rules are known to be made up during the actual game.
For example: if you are playing pool in one person's house, his "house rules" might be that whoever makes the 8 On The Break wins automatically whereas the house rules of another person's house might be whoever makes the 8 On The Break loses automatically.
by D. Ferrel September 30, 2003
What one brotha says to another brotha whenever the second brotha does something stupid or something that is gonna get his ass whooped by his girlfriend.
"Damn bro, Gina gonna kill you when she finds out you lost the rent money"
by D. Ferrel September 26, 2003
A type of roll applied to the legs of ones pants. Very popular in the 80's. Considered to be Retro.
"Yeah remember back in the days when we used to tight roll our jeans."
by D. Ferrel September 29, 2003
Short version of Pace Maker.
"Yo Gramps, I think you need a new set of batteries for your Pacer"
by D. Ferrel September 29, 2003
Also known as silent but deadly. A fart that can not be heard but can sure as hell be smelt. This type of flatulent sneaks up on you and unless there is a breeze, hard to tell who it came from. Don't ever recognize this type of fart out loud otherwise you fall into the rule of: "Whoever smelt it delt it"
"someone done ripped a floating air bisquit"
by D. Ferrel September 29, 2003

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