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Mom I'd Like to Fuck
"Dude, what's a MILF?"
"M-I-L-F, Mom I'd like to fuck!"
"Woah, Johnny, your mom's a MILF!"
by D. Edge March 17, 2003
The classic Greek drink Ouzo is made from a precise combination of pressed grapes and herbs and berries including aniseed, licorice, mint, wintergreen, fennel and hazelnut.
Ouzo it is not produced in any other part of the world except Greece.
Is a 100% Greek product and Greece's National drink.
Ranging in alcohol precentages between: 40% to 48%
If you are not familiar with the taste, the easiest way to describe it would be that close to Black Licorice.
"Hello George, would you like a shot of Ouzo to start off your day?"
by D. Edge March 17, 2003
Short for Prelude. A japanese vehicle produced by Honda from 1979 to 2001.
"Hey man, that's a nice looking 'Lude you've got there."
by D. Edge March 17, 2003
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