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To nigger someone. The act of cheating or treating unjustly.
Hey, that teacher is niggering me for my late exam.
Quit niggering me, I was only 4 hours late.
by D. C. Chesterholme January 31, 2008
To be cheated or treated unjustly. Also see Niggering
I just got niggered out of my lunch money.
That guy just niggered me into buying these stolen movies.
by D. C. Chesterholme January 31, 2008
The 20-40 rule refers to the attractive appearance of a female at 40ft. and the repulsive mold of flesh she calls a face at 20ft.
I was driving by some lady and from a distance, she looked great, but up close...it looked like she was beat with a shovel.....I should've followed the 20-40 rule.
by D. C. Chesterholme January 31, 2008
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