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When a motorcycle rider is catapulted from their bike, lands on the ground, and is subsequently run over by their own bike, as momentum carries the trailing bike up and over their body.
"I saw Rossi take a one-two crunch, after highsiding a turn during a race."
by D. Gould September 12, 2006
The warning you give somebody, when you see them walking into the same bathroom you've just come from, immediately after taking a nasty shit. Ten minutes is the alloted time it usually takes for a bathroom to air out, before it becomes usable for someone else.
"Man, that fucking stinks! Would it have killed you to have given me a ten minute warning, first?"
by D. Gould April 09, 2006
When a completely inept person, sends an equally inept person (or gopher), to do their own shopping. Often, the gopher can be observed standing in the middle of the store, yapping on a cell phone with the person who subsequently sent them. Screaming out a variety of sizes, colours, and prices.
"That customer doesn't seem to know what she wants."

"Of course she doesn't. She's gopher shopping."
by D. Gould February 28, 2006
The side effects felt the morning after one has been dosed with Rohypnol. Some of which includes dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, memory imparement, and stomach problems.
"You look like shit. You hung over?"

"I should't be. I only had three beers."

"Uh oh! You got the Roofie Flu!"
by D. Gould March 06, 2009
A really filthy, dirty, smelly, regretable fuck. A fuck so grungy and diseased, one goes running to the STD clinic the next morning.
"Dude...Please tell me you didn't bag that whore from the bar last night."

"I did. I was so hammered, I just didn't care. She was the nastiest gutter lay I've ever had."
by D. Gould February 16, 2009
A woman who does everything in her power to portray herself in a slutty fashion. In behaviour, as well as dress code.
"Did you see how Heather was acting at the party? What the fuck was up with that?"

"Dude...Since Mike broke up with her, she's totally whored out.".
by D. Gould August 23, 2008
The loser in a game of pool, who as a result of their loss, must rack the cue balls for the winner.
"Hurry up, rack bitch! I ain't got all day!"
by D. Gould June 18, 2008
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