11 definitions by D-Mac

If a chick is gagging for it, she might be frothing at the crotch with vag fluid.
D-Mac's dancing had every skank in the 'stang frothing at the crotch.
by D-Mac April 22, 2004
The act of scaming five chicks in one night.
D-Mac: Hey Ben, did you go to the 'stang on Friday?
Ben: Sure did, had a few Black Ices, got out the camera phoney, said hi to Artur, and did a pentathlon.
by D-Mac April 22, 2004
Another name for Friday, the last day of the working week. Called this because Friday is the day for chasing fur (see definition by tdogg).
D-Mac: Hey Stevo, glad it's firday?
Stevo: You know I am. Going to the 'stang tonight?
D-Mac: Nah, last time I went there I got too hammered and lost my camera phoney.
by D-Mac November 07, 2004
A white prostitute acting ghetto in da hood whos beat
Damn homie u got dat good prostituet but i was stuck wit dis whetto dogg
by D-mac October 21, 2003
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