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a new word for blunt or mary-jane roll
A. Last night i was smokin the doobi with a friend of mine.

B. Why the fuck didn't u call me
by D January 31, 2004
Stands for Rough Hand Job, a delightful love phenomena in Falls Church, VA.
Boy, I sure am sore from that delectible RHJ last night.
by D January 08, 2004
copious amounts of hair on your ass
Man, I can almost braid your ass-fro, you need to go to the salon and get the back sack and crack special.
by d July 27, 2003
computer gawd
keepr - a strange being from another world keepr is one of those strange things that can be commonly found on the internet. no one really knows who he is, or where he lives, but one thing is for sure...this person is no mere mortal.

(note: you are doing a good job buddy.
no complaints here)
by d May 30, 2004
Lion Like
by D November 03, 2003
1- oh yes, big papa that's the spot
2- instant waterfall
3- Gian
you know that's the spot- so put me in any position, pull my hair and hit it hard!
by D March 19, 2003
when a guy f**ks a girl in her mouth
She LOVES to have her "Tonsils Touched".
by D August 08, 2004

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