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A friend that lets you cum in her face.
I can't wait to see my facial friend, I have a big load waiting for her.
#cum #load #facial #friend #face #semen
by D&DinDallas March 25, 2011
A friend that let's you pee on them.
I can't wait to visit my friend I Dallas, he is my Pee Pal.
#pee #peeing #pal #peeing pal #urine
by D&DinDallas March 25, 2011
When a girl sucks a guys dick and has him cum in her mouth and then kisses his wife and spits the cum into her mouth.
I can't believe that girl did The Dirty Diana to me last night and then said, "it's your husband's cum so you swallow it!"
#cum #mouth #wife #husband #spit #dirty diana #diana #bj #blow job
by D&DinDallas March 25, 2011
Verb - The act of completely ruining a sexual situation.

Noun - (1) The act of completely ruining a sexual situation, i.e. the act of "Marshalling." (2) A person who completely ruins a sexual situation, i.e. one who pulls a "Marshall." Whatever you do, don't invite this person to an orgy as they will instantly remove any sexual energy from the group instantly causing pussies to dry up and dicks to shrink nearly to the point of being inverted.
Dude, we were about to have an orgy with all our friends until that fuck totally pulled a Marshall by getting all pissy when his bitch started sucking on two dicks at once. I was like, seriously dude, lighten up, she was totally enjoying it!
#marshall #celena #sex #sexual #situation #ruin #swinger #orgy #marshal
by D&DinDallas March 28, 2011
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