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A grumpy old man who has a talk show on the radio. He has predicted the Rapture--Judgement Day--at least 3 times, most recently on May 21st, and each time has been quite a let-down. His most recent reason was "because of the gays".

His "rapture" predictions are often preceded by a large-scale campaign to advertise the date with posters that say things such as "Save the Date! Judgement Day, May 21st: The Bible Guarantees It!"
Reasonable Christians often ask in response to these predictions, "if God's word is not to be interpreted by humans, then aren't all these predictions rather blasphemic?"

Reasonable people who may or may not be Christian often ask "why would anyone even believe this in the first place? He just picked an arbitrary date, there's no scientific proof at all. I see no reason to freak out."
Some people freak out anyway, because they're either idiots or they're hipsters and they're doing it ironically.
Guy 1: Dude are you coming to my barbecue tomorrow?
Guy 2: Why are you having a barbecue?
Guy 1: To celebrate Harold Camping's most recent failure to predict the end of the world.
Guy 2: Oh yeah sure, i'll come. Will there be beer?
Guy 1: Of course man, otherwise it wouldn't be a not-the-end-of-the-world barbecue.
by Cynics101 May 21, 2011

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