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A (usually) 2 year diploma programme of education infinately better and better established than A Levels.
Consists of 6 chosen topics from groups, along with the compulsory 150+ hours of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), 4000 word Extended Essay and a Theory of Knowledge essay and presentation.

Each topic is marked from 1 - 7, with an extra 3 points being added for performance in CAS, TOK and EE, with a total of 45 points achievable.

Considered Hellish and extremely difficult for some, others (myself included) really appreciate it. It Challenges you, and can either encourage you to become really organised or really lazy. May lead to extensive Procrastination (world of warcraft in extreme cases) and lack of a social life. Or alcohol abuse, depending on how you cope with stress.

Good points are that it is an internationally recognised qualification, and is equivalent to up to 7 'A' Grades at A level, and some higher level subjects (Sciences and Maths for example) are considered so advanced, that certain University's view them as almost degree level.
Another good point is that it can give you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world (especially at international schools) and can definately broaden your horizons. And it teaches you bullshit oh so effectively.

Lying becomes a way of life, sleeping becomes a luxury, Relentless and Pro Plus become your Gods, and eating just isn't necessary.
usual conversation between a normal kid and an International Baccalaureate student (over msn of course..)

Kid: hey fancy going out tonight?
IB Kid: I dont know, I still have 3999 words to write for my EE, I haven't even started my TOK presentation, I need to make up 139 hours of CAS, I've lost my GDC so i cant do this Chi Squared table for biology, I haven't eaten in 3 days, I can't remember the last time I slept and I have my Russian Oral tomorrow..
Kid: that was your excuse last week, what have you been doing??
IB Kid: I made a new rogue on a PVP server and pwnd some n00bs.
by Cyka April 06, 2008

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A nice place, some areas are absolutely beautiful (The Cotswolds, the South West for example), whereas others have the most amazing nightlife, pleasant weather in the summer, readily available decent education and opportunities.

However the politics of the Labour Government are extremely questionable and the people running the country are a bunch of useless scumbags who keep increasing our taxes so they can keep buying fifth houses and cars which they dont need. Our economy is failing, mass multiculturalism is unfortunately only breeding rascism, we are the bitch of the EU (which the majority of people don't want to be a part of) and the future looks pretty bleak. Crime is on the rise, as is teenage pregnancy, the spread of STIs, problems with drink and drugs, The National Health Service is terrible, and we're a slave to Health and Safety and Political Correctness.

A Country which makes the rich richer, the poor poorer, and abuses the practicalities of foreign labour to an appaling degree. In the majority of cases it is right to say that the honest, hardworking classes and the middle classes are the ones that lose out in this country, and has been proven that those on benefits are infinately better off than those who work. This has led to a mass abuse of the benefits system.

However much I love this country, Its becoming somewhere many of its own citizens can't stand to be, and as such is driving our it's own people in droves. The only thing we're heading for is Revolution.
Neither I nor my parents can afford to put me on their car insurance so I cant learn to drive, despite the fact that all three of us are working and intend to intil the day we retire.

However my fat relatives who have never worked a day in their lives get given a free car because she's a cripple and cant walk, despite the fact that I have seen her running about the shops without a stick or wheelchair in sight in the January Sales. As is usually the way in England.

Oh i'm sorry, I meant "my relative with an eating disorder" not fat relative, and "physically impaired" rather than cripple. OMGZ LOL I TOLLY LEIF PERLETICUL CORICTNUSS!!!!!!1111 GG OK??
by Cyka April 06, 2008

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