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A chronic debilitating condition caused by the abhorrent sight of the Pelvis Wave. Symptoms include seizures, clenched fists and out right disapproval. Once diagnosed the affliction is permanent. When one is not exposed to the Pelvis Wave for prolonged periods of time, intense cravings for the manuever are developed.
Stop it, George! Your interpretation of the Pelvis Wave will give me Malloritis!
by CyborgTm June 08, 2007
A special dance in which one will thrust pelvis from side to side in an attemply erotic fashion, while chanting,"Do the pelvis wave!" Sadly this dance may trigger the disease Malloritis within some people.
Shall we do the Pelvis Wave now?
by CyborgTm March 17, 2007
v: To "yoyo" or to gain and lose weight again and again. Originating from Oprah Winfrey's battle with weight.
I never manage to mantain a stable weight. I always seem to oprah all time.
by CyborgTm September 13, 2007
A racoon that lives in a tree.
When I got to school, people said there was a racoon or should I say treecoon in the tree! Too bad I missed it...
by CyborgTm October 08, 2007
Just because you think it is too damn exhausting to say a full your welcome, you replace it with a shortened: your welk.
Anyone: Hey George, thanks for helping me out back there.
George:Oh, your welk. No prob.
by cyborgtm October 24, 2009
More extremely dimwitted than a normal moron.
1 plus 3 does not equal 2, you Majoron!
by CyborgTm November 10, 2007
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