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Screw off, get lost, go away, shut up, stop bothering/talking to me
Sod off, you old wanker!
by Cybio November 18, 2003
1) A country that is hated by few others.
2) A country made up of mostly Hockey lovers, but every country has their sport.
3) A safe, beautiful, mostly uninhabited place that has it's own currency, which is worth less than the United States' but cheaper merchandise is around the same price anyway.
I'm glad I live in Canada. Now excuse me while I go watch the game.
by Cybio November 18, 2003
1) The distance, in kilometers, from point A to point B.
2) The amount of recorded kilometers a vehicle has driven.
What's the kilometerage on this Ferrari?
by Cybio November 09, 2003
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