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A polite warning that flatulent expellations have been released in the general vicinity. (See: Oops I crapped my pants)
"Look out for that air biscuit" or " Don't bite that air bisicuit" or simply the emphatic "air biscuit" upon expellation. A notably rank or stale air biscuit is often referred to as a Whisker biscuit as in "that's no air biscuit, that's a whisker biscuit" or "whiskey" biscuit.
by CyberDruid January 31, 2006
A wet fart. See air biscuit.
"That's no air biscuit that's a water biscuit" "water biscuit? more like a Whiskey Biscuit" or "Oops I crapped my pants"
by CyberDruid February 01, 2006

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