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Fucking someone you've fucked before, but don't remember fucking.
I think I had a dejafuck last night.
by Cyber Kong October 06, 2005
A word used to call security officers and private police.Derived from the salad topping food-baconbitsmeaning not real bacon.

*also know as "rent-a-cop".
I used to be a Baconbit at the racetrack because we were cheaper than using real police.
by Cyber Kong October 08, 2005
A child who has one parent from Mexico and the other parent from another country(usually United States).
Amy has always screwed Mexican boys.Now she's got herself a Meximelt.
by Cyber Kong October 06, 2005
The act of jerking off while in IM's with someone in a chatroom.
I was lofterbating while Jeannie was telling me about her girlfriend in IM'swhile I was in the chatroom.
by Cyber Kong October 06, 2005
It's when Mexicans are talking and use both English and Spanish in the same sentence.
Jose was trying to tell me something,but I couldn't understand his Spanlish.
by Cyber Kong October 12, 2005

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