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Term describing one who farts often.

A farty person.
(In Church)

You smell that? I told him not to eat beans before church...that buy is flatulacious!
by Custard Butter February 21, 2010
A derivative of the term "Pan Handling".

Term used to describe a person who asks for money, products, or favors while making a lewd gesture.

To be sexually perverse while asking for something.
I was gonna give this bum some money, but then realized he was pandling! He came anyway.

Those two pandlers are assaulting that poor woman. Somebody throw change at them!
by Custard Butter February 21, 2010
1. A state of being (Usually reserved for hardcore thugs) whereby one appers outwardly angry all the time, even when expressing positive emotions.

2. To express the state of being ghetto furious in any situation.
1. Yo you know marco? Whys he angry all the time?

Ya that fool is ghetto furious

2. Hey marcy you dont have to get ghetto furious
by Custard butter February 16, 2010
Term describing a sexual act whereby the man makes a series of Barry Sanders-esque moves, juking several cardboard cutouts of pro-football defenders on the way to the "end-zone"...his woman's ass. He then proceeds to score!

The cardboard cutouts are not necessary but preferable.
After my team won the Superbowl, I give Galina a Hot Barry! She wore my jersey and everything!
by Custard Butter February 21, 2010
When a guy, while doing his girl doggy-style, spits on his fingers and rubs her asshole to lube it up, then whispers in her ear, "I Love You!", and jams his dick in her ass.
"Hey man, Mary sure is walking funny today."

"That's cause last night was our anniversary. She gave me a new watch, and I gave her The Old Slip!"
by Custard Butter February 21, 2010

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