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*one bootliciouse son of a bitch
*The intrinsic nature associated with Asian McFloy. Including but not limited to those associated with the Tory's and Cusher Van Buren
*whatever you want it to mean
That is one Un Pero Grande
Un Pero Grande is a bad ass mother fucker
by Cusher Van Buren December 10, 2004
*Usually a negative term meaning to be an idiot or pertaining to acting stupid in a seriouse situation. *Sometimes pertaining to someone who has royally screwed up a very simple task.
*Temporary mental handicap or mental relapse.
*A disease that is uncurable and causes mental defects and sexual confusion.
*A race not of this world. Usually including those who do not like Seinfeld or anything else that is very funny.
*Someone who is extremely ignorant and geeky, those beyond the scope of most human social outcasts. Not liked by anyone usually a slob and doesn't concur with social norms.
(refering to those in opposition of the Tory's.)
What a f#@!in bumfactor. I hope he dies.
The bumfactors should rot in hell for there idiocraty.
What a gay ass bumfactor.
That bumfactor just cut me off.
by Cusher Van Buren December 01, 2004
To deficate, including all food consumed and digested. Including but not limited to: corn, beef, chips, wheat, coy cars, hamsters bones, etc.
Man thats nasty look at all that defication.
by Cusher Van Buren December 01, 2004
He is the man next to you, your teacher, the guy who pumps your gas. He controls the destiny of all human life. He is the master of all living things and plastic. He is who he is and has always been. No he's not God, he's Asian McFloy. He is an unexplained mystery. Don't try to understand him. He is beyond the scope of human understanding. He's like the matrix, but living. He is Asian McFloy
Look its Asian McFloy.
Dude I heard Asian McFloy does it.
That's so Asian McFloy
by Cusher Van Buren December 01, 2004

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