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*Usually a negative term meaning to be an idiot or pertaining to acting stupid in a seriouse situation. *Sometimes pertaining to someone who has royally screwed up a very simple task.
*Temporary mental handicap or mental relapse.
*A disease that is uncurable and causes mental defects and sexual confusion.
*A race not of this world. Usually including those who do not like Seinfeld or anything else that is very funny.
*Someone who is extremely ignorant and geeky, those beyond the scope of most human social outcasts. Not liked by anyone usually a slob and doesn't concur with social norms.
(refering to those in opposition of the Tory's.)
What a f#@!in bumfactor. I hope he dies.
The bumfactors should rot in hell for there idiocraty.
What a gay ass bumfactor.
That bumfactor just cut me off.
by Cusher Van Buren December 01, 2004
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